Is Cyclobenzaprine an acetaminophen?!

Question: Is Cyclobenzaprine an acetaminophen.?
Stuff blurry, fever for a day now, try to make sense.

Having first ever sinus infection, feels like my nose, cheeks, teeth, jaw, neck, ears, temples, and forehead are all set on fire and smashed in between a vice. Fever currently at 101.8, body aches all over, and some pretty bad weakness, and a bit of vertigo.

I also have Gastritis, seems to be chronic, but I was neglected in the ER, they said they wouldn't do an ultrasound, my general practitioner seemed concerned about it, but wrote it off. So I basically can't take nsaids, in chronic back and knee pain, all he can give me is LOTS of cyclobenzaprine, and told me to do the Atkins diet, I'm only 130, so I'm not huge or anything.

Anyways, bf got me a decongestant and a acetaminphen all in one from Tylenol, which I believe in an nsaid.

Anyways, can I take it with my cyclobenzaprine.? And what are some tips of relieving debilitating sinus pain.? I got it from walking outside, I guess. I'm supposed to strengthen my muscles around my torn cartilage.Health Question & Answer

Cyclobenzaprine is a muscle relaxer. Tylenol is NOT an NSAID. It should be fine to take them together. NSAIDS are ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.Health Question & Answer

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Edit: It can make you feel somewhat 'loopy', but cyclobenazaprine really isn't recreational. I don't know why your pupils are dilated, lighting maybe.? But in my honest opinion, its just a placebo effect.

Cyclobenazaprine is a muscle relaxant. I was perscribed to Amrix which is an extended release version of it, and I have also taken Flexril (cyclobenzaprine.) I have taken it with aleve, tylenol, and a bunch of other things.

You will be fine, be sure not too take more than 2grams of tylenol in 24 hours though. I wouldn't even recommend taking more than 1 gram:P but just in case you didn't know!

Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

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