Why not a nutritious school meal and free milk drink for all kids ?!

Question: Why not a nutritious school meal and free milk drink for all kids .?
I have never understood why a simple healthy meal cannot be provided for all school kids free of charge.Not just for less well off kids that will mean some kids will get ridiculed for taking the free option. Don't tell me that kids will not find out who takes the free option.Health Question & Answer

In the small aboriginal communities where I work we have hot lunch programs where only nutritious food is served, i.e. no pop. It is available for the school kids, and everybody else who wants it. The bands have made this a priority. So, yes it can and is being done elsewhere.Health Question & Answer

I very much agree with you, in fact I suspect most adults would. Say, in summer, a sandwich, a piece of fruit and a glass of milk or water. Something hot in winter. With due allowance for those with dietary needs.

You know that, I know that and other parents know that, the only trouble is convincing kids it's "cool".

Personally, as a (very) working adult I'd be delighted if my business provided "rations" like that.Health Question & Answer

actually its a good pt, free meal for all coz kids won't try to get the free one if they saw others who pay, this will make them feel less and let the other feel they are better. talking about the meal unfortunately it didn't work in my country because meals provider who gave bribe to the responsible persons in schools or the minstry of education i don't know who exactly & they gave the kids food that are about to expire & some kids got sick so the whole idea was cancelled

if there are decent honest ppl to act right in this matter it would be greatHealth Question & Answer

Britain should make sure children are well fed and if this means a free meal it should be done and soonHealth Question & Answer

http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/...Health Question & Answer

it's because if all kids had free school dinners the school could go bankrupt because they are paying for the food and cooking it and both of them cost money but they wouldn't get enough money to do that so the kids parents have to pay for the school to afford to feed their children.

also the kids parent's that don't have to pay ,don't have to pay because they are on income support and child benefits
so they don't have enough money to pay for their kids school dinners as it is to much because they have no man to earn any money and the mother can't go to work as she has siblings to look after and cannot find the time or chance for even a part time job!

I think that it is ignorant of the people saying disgusting stuff about people that are on child benefits and income support. it's not their fault they either don't have a father to pay for them or maybe they took a wrong step in their life and for the people that think they are scabs it is none of their business.

I hope this answer does not offend anyone especially the person that asked this question. I don't mean it in that way loll. hope this helps people that don't think it's fair or understand why some children have to pay for their dinners and some don't

i also agree that instead of unhealthy fatty meals why can't the children have nice healthy meals and milk like you said . an apple as well and maybe a yoghurt for pudding. In the summer maybe they could eat outside.

Anyway I think I have missunderstood your question sorry about that lolzHealth Question & Answer

I know because i have had the experienceHealth Question & Answer

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