Need HELP fast deprived of food and water for more than 27 hours straight.?!

Question: Need HELP fast deprived of food and water for more than 27 hours straight..?
i've had this strangely heavy pattern of sleep for the past few day's
i'd go to sleep for 2-4 hours wake up for half an hour or so than go back to sleep.

anyway it seems i was too lazy to get up to eat or drink anything for the entire time.
and so by the time i noticed it was when i was overcome with this strong thirst. i got up and by the time i reached the fridge i "literally"
couldn't see from the fog around my eyes. i felt around and grabbed the first drink i could..
and drank a few sips till my vision started to comeback again..
i was barely able to stand up by than and my entire body was covered with this sudden sweat.

after that i ate a few spoons of plain yogurt and a potato chip to get my blood pressure up as it was around 75-52 by than.
but i threw up a few minutes later.

and so my friend gave me this medicine to help elevate my blood pressure it's called EFFORTIL and its a Liquid drop you dissolve in water .

it's been 2 1/2 hours since this whole mess started.
and aside from a slight shiver and hiccup i am feeling a little better now

but i was wondering do i need to see a doctor fast or will i be okay without one.

i'm not on drugs or any kind of medication that might induce this kind of sleep.

do you know someone who went thru something like this.?
and what did they do.

thanks.Health Question & Answer

If your vision is affected, I would go to a doctor asap. I don't think the lack of food will hurt you that much, but going without water definitely could.
I don't know what effortil is but it sounds stupid to take drugs to elevate your blood pressure (esp. without speaking to a doctor first). You need to get your body and blood pressure back to normal by hydrating and feeding it, not by taking drugs!
Drinking water can actually be worse since your electrolytes are probably way out of whack. Drink lots of gatorade if you cant see a doctor, but I would recommend that you go to the doctor straight away.
I sometimes forget to eat/drink as much as I should, but 27 hours straight is crazy. You need to take better care of your body!Health Question & Answer

Sounds awful but no, you needn't see a doctor, it was only 27 hrs, now if it had been 3 days you might have started going through starvation mode.Health Question & Answer

i'd have to say if you could manage to type all that're probably ok..make an appt with your MD instead of taking medication from friends if you're worriedHealth Question & Answer

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