This is soo weird pleasee helpppp.?!

Question: This is soo weird pleasee helpppp..?
okay well this only happens sometimes like once every 3-4 months not even that
but one time i moved my head maybe it was too fast and i got this sting through my head and it turned cold for like 20 seconds and then it went away its really scaring me
im gunna go to the doctors soon and see what it is.
ohh and i 14 and im pretty positive that i dont have to tumer because the symptoms are much greater than what i have and i know some people have tumers without even knowing it.

does anyone know what this is.?Health Question & Answer

That sounds like a nerve that you may have pinched in the neck by moving your head too fast. I wouldn't worry about it being something internal (like in your brain). Nerve trauma can cause pain, a burning feeling, a cold sensation, numbness, etc.Health Question & Answer

Working in the medical field for 20 yearsHealth Question & Answer

That happens to me, too. I'm pretty sure everyone gets that sometimes.
If you're really concerned, see a doctor.Health Question & Answer

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