Can a broken bone cause pain elsewhere?!

Question: Can a broken bone cause pain elsewhere.?
like if you broke your foot can you have pain in your knee and calf and toes.?Health Question & Answer

yes, but it doesn't always have to be broken

I have herniated disc in my back.. and it effects my entire body.. especially my legs and right foot.. it is the sciatic nerve
so yu tend to put your Weight on one side as to take the pressure off the other.. u need to get a cane or crutch...
Good luck..Health Question & Answer

If you have an open fracture. Bones protruding though the skin. You may have an infection spreading up your leg. Or with out open fracture you may be walking differently and putting pressure on other parts of you leg you would not normally.Health Question & Answer

Medical work for 25 yrsHealth Question & Answer

yes because it affects how you shift your weight when you walk or bear any weight, and the inflammation creates soreness in other areasHealth Question & Answer

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