I have sprained both my ankles. Should I go to the ER today or go to the Ortho tomorrow?!

Question: I have sprained both my ankles. Should I go to the ER today or go to the Ortho tomorrow.?
I have bad ankles. Really bad, they sprain easily. And somehow, I have sprained both of my ankles this weekend. I can walk, but with pain. I am in a moderate amount of pain, although Ibuprophine is keeping it down to reasonable levels. Should I go to the ER today, or wait and go to the orthopedic doctor tomorrow.? I don't know what the ER is going to do to help me out, and I am thinking crutches are really out of the question this time, so I probably need walking boots. Any suggestions.?Health Question & Answer

If it were me, I would like back on the couch today and read a book, watch a movie, ice up my ankles all day and rest as much as possible. Hopefully, by tomorrow one of them will be feeling significantly better.

Go to your Ortho tomorrow and ask him/her for physical therapy that would help to strengthen your ankles in the long term. Stop wearing dangerous shoes like platforms if you are. You will end up with a broken foot.

The ER is extremely expensive, even if you have good insurance. Chances are high that you will not find a doctor there who has a clue about how to help you.Health Question & Answer

do you have an ortho dr already.? why would you expect walking boots for both feet without crutches.? crutches are to decrease the pressure of weight bearing, or eliminate it all together. walking boots are to decrease mobility of a joint. if you do have an ortho and you sprain your ankles easily, wouldn't it make more sense for you to have ankle supports (the kind you can insert into shoes) made.?if your pain is reasonable and you already have an ortho md and don't need a referral, then going to the er doesn't make any sense. if you are going to wait it would make sense to use crutches until you are seen - and from what you've written, it seems like you should have a pair handy.Health Question & Answer

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