Can dog barks damage my ears?!

Question: Can dog barks damage my ears.?
I have four dogs at home, and they always bark. Even at the smallest thing, four dogs end up barking all at once. It really hurts my ears(I can feel loud vibrations in my ear), and I end up getting headaches from them. I'm seventeen, and I'm wondering if this can do permanent damage.Health Question & Answer

Prolonged noise at a high decibel range could cause some minor damage.

Any typical concert goes way above any normal range.

I think on this, however, you're going to be fine. However, I would suggest you purchase a cheap pair of ear plugs during times when it's loud enough where you are feeling the vibrations. This would definately help.Health Question & Answer

Absolutely. I was a vet tech and there were signs posted on the larger kennel areas in some of the places I worked, that ear protection must be worn. The higher the pitch, the more likely the damage. I have permanent hearing problems from being exposed to loud noise now. I have hyperacussis which means I hear things louder than most people. It's usually the other way around and I wish it was. It's not fun to live with and I have to take ear plugs to public places and put them on when my babies cry as well. Good luck to you.Health Question & Answer

LOL.....well yeah...any noise that is loud enough to cause discomfort to your ears is probably damaging them....and any kind of damage to your ears caused by sound WILL BE PERMANENT! So just don't make the dogs angry jk.Health Question & Answer

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