One fine day you woke up one morning and your boyfriend and brother?!

Question: One fine day you woke up one morning and your boyfriend and brother.?

one fine day you woke up one morning and u find that u turned into an cat and your boy friend or husband and brother has turned into mouse and you have to eat at least any one of them ,if u didn't u all would be died so whom do u eat your brother or husbandHealth Question & Answer

Neither,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you die.
Oh, re read. If I don't eat one, all will die.
Well, first of all lets change that, if it's a do or die, it's NOT a Fine day.
Probably my husband. He says I bite his head off half the time anyway.......... :>)Health Question & Answer

Cats do not eat mice. They play with mice, but 6 out of 10 cats eat Wh****rs. Didn't you know that.? That's why the economy is where it is.Health Question & Answer

I would rather die then to eat the love of my life and a family member.Health Question & Answer

Its a good thing that you will never have to experience the pain of this dilemma.Health Question & Answer

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