Can i get in trouble for having unprescribed vicodin on me?!

Question: Can i get in trouble for having unprescribed vicodin on me.?
YES! If you can not provide a legal prescription- written in your name, you would be illegally in possession of a controlled substance- a narcotic.Health Question & Answer

A friend/ no names got in trouble because he could not prove legal ownership of a narcotic drug. He ended up with a fine and 1 yr probation. Now to get his prescribed vicodin he has to call the probation officer to get permission to get his vicodin. It's the same with the other pain meds.Health Question & Answer

I would say yes in most cases, at least in the USA. You can get charged with possession of a controlled substance, which I believe is a felony. Whether that translates to just probation or jail time, I'm not sure.

You can read this story about a guy in CA who had 140 Vicodin on him (no prescription) and faced up to 3 years in jail. However, he had much more than just Vicodin with him at the time:,2933,2902...
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Uhhh, YEAH! It is illegal. It is a controlled substance. If you do not have a legitimate rx for it, you will be spending some time in court on drug charges! Maybe even some time in jail depending on how you came to have them and what the judge or prosecuting attorney thinks you were planning to do with them! Just stupid!!!!!! And by that, I mean YOU=STUPID!Health Question & Answer

yea but i had bout 5 in my pocket last time i got into trouble and they were just loose in my pocket the pig pulled em out i sed they were for headaches and they just put em back in my pocket. Health Question & Answer

Yes and it is about a 2 year jail sentence in most statesHealth Question & Answer

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