What type of pain reliever can you take with zoloft?!

Question: What type of pain reliever can you take with zoloft.?
I have a headache and need to get some type of pain reliever. What's the safest thing I can take while taking a daily dose of 100mg of Zoloft.?Health Question & Answer

I take Tylenol and it works for me. If you want a really reliable opinion - your best bet is to just call the pharmacy that filled your Zoloft prescription. They know drug interactions better than most. Health Question & Answer

Your best bet is good old paracetemol!! Avoid anti-inflammatories such as aspirin and ibuprofen though as there have been cases of interaction between the 2 classes of drugs.Health Question & Answer

None of the OTC's are going to effect you just because of the Zoloft.

Here is a good link that may help you more than OTC's
http://health.discovery.com/centers/head...Health Question & Answer

The best thing to do is call the pharmacist, they will have no problem telling what you can take. I have done that a lot.Health Question & Answer

Tylenol...Advil...even Vicodin...
None of those reacted with me and I'm on 150mg/day Zoloft.Health Question & Answer

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