I cant sleep, why are you....?!

Question: I cant sleep, why are you.....?
still awake.?Health Question & Answer

ddduuuuudddeee im talking to my immature asshole boyfriend lolHealth Question & Answer

I got on the routine of staying up late about 4 years ago when I got married and my husband worked evenings. also I quit working to stay home with my child and we could sleep in then. Even though my husband has been on days for 2 yrs now,I still have his schedule and it has caused lots of problems at times. I feel very guilty as a mom of 2 wonderful little blessings b/c its hard to keep them on a good schedule if I am not.Health Question & Answer

because I am watching the football game... Grant M in PennsylvaniaHealth Question & Answer

mann im SOO sleepy i had to wake up early today for an appointment. i can like pass out any second now.Health Question & Answer

bcz im talking on msn with my crush :)Health Question & Answer

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