I nearly stabbed my eye with a knife.?!

Question: I nearly stabbed my eye with a knife..?
My laptop case was jammed, and I tried yanking the zipper for an hour and it wouldn't budge... so I tried to cut it open with a knife and it went up and brushed my eye. I think just in a blink, I managed to close my eyelid to avoid a serious injury. There is no blood and seemingly no marks on my eye; it's just a bit red. It's probably irritated. Would a minimal scratch cause me to lose my vision.? Because I can pretty well see perfectly out of that eye; although it is a bit sore. Would a bit of ice do the trick and should I worry.? Thanks.Health Question & Answer

should be fine nothing to worry about but if it continues to be sore miby have someone look at it like your doc or GpHealth Question & Answer

you should be fine. I accidentally cut a kids eye open with a giant laminated map in 3rd grade, it just scraped his eye a little bit, and hes perfectly fine. Health Question & Answer

You are lucky now go buy some lotto ticketsHealth Question & Answer

That's a question.? How about 'Did I nearly etc'.?
The answer is 'Dunno, did you.?'Health Question & Answer

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