How to prove to my doctor i have back pain?!

Question: How to prove to my doctor i have back pain.?
i was in a car accident last week, and both my neck and back are killing me. i cant sleep, or take care of my 8 month old daughter, i can barely pick her up. I went to my doctor and she gave me anti inf-laments but they dont work for the pain. I asked her for pain medication but she said i cant prove i am in pain. I cant take t3's they make me extremely nauseous and she says she cant prescribe me anything else unless she can see my pain on an xray (which i have taken but she couldnt 'see' anything). My husband is in the army and is deployed so i cant take care of my child properly. i dont know how to prove to my doctor i am in pain. i need help asapHealth Question & Answer

Lauren, my heart goes out to you. My son recently got back from Iraq. The stress with your husband being gone could be increasing your pain level, too.
However, if you're on pain pills, they make you a bit loopy and you wouldn't be able to care for your daughter either.
Ask your doc about alternatives for pain vs. pain pills. Ask about going to physical therapy or what exercises you could do. See a massage therapist.
Unfortunately, pain is subjective. No one can "prove" they're having pain. And when you're in an MVA it just makes them suspicious that you want to sue.
So, seriously, try asking about alternatives, they just may help. PT, or MT, ex, or even a steriod injection.
Best of luck.Health Question & Answer

Pain is subjective, something that you describe that cannot be measured. In medicine, if it cannot be objectively measured, it cannot be proven.Health Question & Answer

Well doctors are very funny about prescribing pain killers so shes right unless there is proof your not getting any narcotics but Ask her for Tramadol.....they dont consider tramadol a narcotic however it does have the opiode factor in it and Im on them right now for fibromyalgia and they help me tremendously. They can make you feel sleepy or a little floaty. Tramadol is ofter used for drug addicts to help them during detox. I assure you that if you suggest tramadol she shouldnt have any reason to say no. My doctor gives me 100 of the 50 mlg every month. Just say ive been researching pain medicine and I found something that may help me. And she should have no reason to turn that down being that Tramadol isnt considered a narcotic however they are narcotic likeHealth Question & Answer

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