How to stop feeling ill when travelling on a plane?!

Question: How to stop feeling ill when travelling on a plane.?
I have an thirteen hour flight from England to Hong Kong..

Last summer..i vomited during the land..bleuch i hate travelling Health Question & Answer

Try Dramamine or Bonnie. Both are motion sickness prevention pills.

If you are looking for something natural, try ginger. You can buy crystallized ginger in the spice isle at the grocery store and swallow some of that. It will help calm your stomach. Drink ginger ale on the plane. The other thing that helps pretty well is syrup of coca cola. You can get it at a pharmacy and it really does calm the stomach.

You can also try one of those patches. Your doctor will have to write out a prescription for it but you put the patch on behind your ear and leave it there for a week. It worked wonders for me!

Good luck!Health Question & Answer

I sympathise with you because I had the same problem once - thank goodness it was only the one time. I now take my own survival kit consisting of two little hand held fans, smelling salts a cold Flannel or non scented wipes also a large plastic bag (just in case) because those sick bags are so small. It seems this problem occurs when there is turbulence and when the air condition is turned off. Remember drink only water and do not eat too much. If you feel ill the air hostesses are always helpfull. Health Question & Answer

Dramamine helps a lot and makes you sleepy so you sleep through most of the flight, just make sure to take it every 6 hours, i would say 5 cause it takes a while to start working and that's around where it starts wearing offHealth Question & Answer

Take some music to listen to whilst you land just close ur eyes and just concentrate on your breath, or use those wristbands that put pressure points on your wrists to stop u feelin unwell through travel sickness!Health Question & Answer

They sell air sickness pills pretty much at any store.Health Question & Answer

valiumHealth Question & Answer

yeah air sickness pills or the hard way which i don't think you should use get pissed =)

but really don't do thatHealth Question & Answer

go to your gp and ask that is the best for the journey Health Question & Answer

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