Sharp knee pain....same knee I had surgery on one year ago please help. :[?!

Question: Sharp knee pain....same knee I had surgery on one year ago please help. :[.?
Hi I am asking to see if there is anyone who might know what this pain could be..?

I am 17 and last year I had a complete meniscectomy on my lateral meniscus it was torn so badly that they had to remove 98% of it.

I am supposed to have a meniscus transplant surgery in a few years when I'm fully done growing.

But yesterday when I was shopping at Kohl's I was looking for some

jeans and I was crouched down then when I got up I felt this really

sharp pain on the inside of my knee, whenever I put pressure on it it hurts a lot, its a little swollen too.

I never heard a pop like before when I injured my meniscus.

But the pain feels similar I think, its hard to remember what it felt like before.?...

I just cannot imagine that its another or believe that I would have ANOTHER meniscus tear.?
what is there left to tear.... :[

Any help would be great.

Please answer....Health Question & Answer

It could be Bone rubbing on bone. Your meniscus is a cushion of cartilage the prevents your femur from rubbing on your fibula, so since your meniscus is torn or completely missing they could be rubbing on each other. This is very painful and could lead to bone turning and when you limp you could eventually affect your other leg, because you will shift all your weight to that leg.Health Question & Answer

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