Is it true about broken bones and weather?!

Question: Is it true about broken bones and weather.?
Is it true that after you have broken a bone that when the weather is bad your bones will act up.?.?
I broke my ankle 2 months ago in two spots and needed plates and screws put in and today with the colder and rainy weather it is bothering me a lot...I am still in the boot (air cast) for 2 more weeks and I am just putting pressure on it now so that could be it too!Health Question & Answer

oh yeah! You can feel before it rains and when it gets cold ouch!
Get you a good heat pad for cold winter nights

and watch the weather before weather change or rain start some medicine otc

best of luck Health Question & Answer

Yes, broken bones can cause joint pain.

Bone pains in cold weather may be associated with Cold Agglutinin Disease (very common - 1 out of 64 people in the population), where Immunoglobulin M (or G) antibodies attack red blood cells. It would make sense to say that these same Immunoglobulins attack the joint area (as well) in cold weather, but this is only my hypothesis. In support of my hypothesis, Cold Agglutinin Disease has been associated with Rheumatoid arthritis, where joints are attacked by IgM.

A more simple explanation is that when there is a decrease in temperature, there is an increase in pressure. (Rearrange chemistry equation PV = nRT)

You can take some ibuprofen (Advil) to help the inflammation, and/or use some warm/heated towels to reduce the pressure.

Hope that helps!Health Question & Answer

Yes, that is true if the break was in a joint. My husband has had knee surgeries, and the rainy/cooler weather always makes his knees ache. He is actually a good barometer, and can tell me when rain is coming, before there's a cloud in the sky.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, I broke my wrist when i was 11, i'm 22 now and i can still feel where the break was when its cold. Health Question & Answer

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