I have a question about going to a follow up with a doctor.?!

Question: I have a question about going to a follow up with a doctor..?
When I go for a follow up, do they HAVE to press on my stomach and look at my, "lower area".? Can I tell them I don't want them to do this.? I hate it, and it always makes me nervous when they do stuff like this. I feel so violated, it drives me crazy.Health Question & Answer

They don't have to do anything you don't want them to do, its called Patient's Rights, however, be warned... when a doctor or nurse palpates on your stomach they are "assessing" you making sure you have no pain. Just be open with your doctor or nurse, tell them why you feel uncomfortable. Maybe there are ways you could change the feeling you are having.Health Question & Answer

Most of us do feel uncomfortable with any type of medical exam,However going to a doctor and refusing part of an examination limits them to what information they can correctly give. I think a good analogy would be as follows
1.Going to you doctor and refusing part of an examination would be like taking your car in for maintenance but telling them do not check the brakes,transmission or oil.
Go have a complete physical and think,it will be over in just a few minutes. Then pat yourself on the back and say yes! I did it.You can do it!!!!!Health Question & Answer

YOU are the one who ultimately has to be comfortable with the physical. Now if you feel that the doctor whether male/female is not acting professionally, or you just don't like the particular doctor then change them immediately. You don't have to go into explanation with anyone about this. When you are in the status that puts you at ease, go forward with your agenda. I wish for you continued peace of mind. God Bless.Health Question & Answer

Don't go. There is no requirement for you to go at all. Smear tests are not very accurate. How many times are women called back because of the nurse doing a bad smear.? Qute a lot.

Check out HPV vaccination. It is a test for the human papillomavirus. There was a news article some time ago about a woman who had invented a do-it-yourself home smear test. It is called "Insight". Wouldn't you perform your partner to do a smear test than a complete stranger.? i think it is still awaiting a patent, but keep a look out for when it goes on sale.Health Question & Answer

if you dont want the doctor to check something then you can tell them not to do it.. if you are not comfortable with what they are doing then you have every right to say no.. if you dont like that doctor then you can always go to another.. and if its a male dr and you are a female and not comfortable with a male dr then go to a female doctor.. as that is what i do.. i dont like it when you look down there as well so i just go to a female dr and if i dont like somethign she does then i tell them .. not to do that.. Health Question & Answer

Need more info what type of doctor and what is the follow up for.? If you are going for stomach problems or/and female issues than it is usually part of the exam. Health Question & Answer

They had to take an oathe. Don't worry, they are professionals.Health Question & Answer

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