I've been having ear problems. can anyone help?!

Question: I've been having ear problems. can anyone help.?
Throbbing- like sensation in my ear
it has been going on since this summer.
i would describe it as feeling like heartbeat in my ear. it happens off and sometimes even 5 times a day. it can throb from anywhere to 30 secs-2 mins and stop then start again.
There really hasnt been much pain involed.
sometimes it hurts, not often though.

*also I dont know if this would have anything to do with it but for the past 3 months i have had off and on pain and itching-feeling/irration in my tonsils. Health Question & Answer

it could be many things:
excessive wax buildup
popped drum
broken anvil, hammer, or stirrup
i would reccomend going to a doctor
is it in one ear or both.?Health Question & Answer

its prolly just sinuses. take sum sinus meds and it should go away. if u go to the chiropractor, u can also tell him to "crack ur ears". yes its possible. it doesnt hurt, u just get a warm feeling. sum docs dnt know about it, but u can ask urs if he does. it pops the air pockets and stuff in ur ears so the fluids can drain(aka sinuses). dont ever try it urself tho. best of luck! : )Health Question & Answer

Take sinus medicine, and also get swimmer's ear drops. This will conquer the problem from both ends. You probably just have some excess fluid in your inner ear.Health Question & Answer

see an ENT -the ear specialist!Health Question & Answer

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