Very very painful scar..... why?!

Question: Very very painful scar..... why.?
I just had my appendix removed september 9th. They did laproscropic (sp.?)surgery. I have a scar in my belly button,about two inches below my belly button, and then about two inches below that one right at my pubic line. The scar at my pubic line is very very painful. Its red, hard, sore to the touch. I can barely have my clothes touch it. I have no been to the doctor for it, wasnt sure if there is a reason to. But is there anything I can do for it.? Health Question & Answer

You should see your doctor. They can fix this with a relatively simple procedure. It sounds like different layers of the incision healed together. Scar tissue may be fusing your dermal layer to a layer of muscle. This is more common in areas that have thinner tissue layers, such as the knee.

To put this into context for you

Take a piece of paper and make a cut in it around the center somewhere. Run a bead of glue along the edges of the cut and set it on another piece of paper until it dries. You will see that it has fused to the bottom piece. Something similar may have happened during your surgery.

I hope this has helped explain things a bit
I had the same thing happen when my ACL tear was repaired.Health Question & Answer

Sorry for your discomfort. I had a hysterectomy two years ago and my incision hurt for a long time and then it was itchy. I think it is normal. It's only been a month but if you are concerned see your doctor.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like it is infected. Try getting some antibotic cream and applying twice/three times a day.Health Question & Answer

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