Why can i play with a broken pinky but i cant play with a dislocated?!

Question: Why can i play with a broken pinky but i cant play with a dislocated.?
i play runningback and i broke my pinky the second day of school this year and i can play without anything protacting it even though it hurts

last year i dislocated my thumb and i had to wear something to protect it but the doctor wouldnt clear me to play for 6 weeks.

keep in mind this is the same doctor both timesHealth Question & Answer

What sophmiester123 said is correct that your thumb is much more important than your pinky. That and you can tape your pinky to your ring finger for support but you can't do that for your thumb.
Another factor is that dislocations are more serious/painful/damaging than breaks. breaks actually heal on their own for the most part. Dislocations can take a really long time to fix and often never completely heal (due to the damage to the ligaments/tendons).Health Question & Answer

I thought you'd have to wear something to protect the pinky when you broke it....?

But a dislocated thumb is MORE serious than a BROKEN pinky.

Because.... Thumb > Pinky

(you use your thumb A LOAD more than what you'd use your pinky for)Health Question & Answer

You use your thumb more to catch the footballHealth Question & Answer

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