I have a problem with the nurse at my doctor's office...Does anyone have this problem. How do you deal with it?!

Question: I have a problem with the nurse at my doctor's office...Does anyone have this problem. How do you deal with it.?
Anytime I need to tell them something over the phone, I have to request a "nurse callback", but she never returns my calls. She tells me she did call and provides a computer print out with days and times, but I never got the call. I really was home and rarely use the phone so she can't say my phone was busy.
I happen to live with someone who doesn't like call waiting, but like I said...we barely use our phone.

What could be going on.?
I called her Friday and it's Monday night and I still haven't gotten a call.Health Question & Answer

Call in the morning and ask to speak to the Practice Administrator. Most offices have them these days. There is a MOA at my MDs office who says she's a "nurse" and she does the same exact thing to me...and I AM a RN. I know who she is now and refuse to deal with her. I just call and ask for the practice administrator and things get back to me.It's sad that these people are paid to do such a shoddy job, but the doctor probably has no clue what is going on...he's just an employee, too, there. IF you don't get help from the Admin,. find out who owns the practice and call a patient rep there. They don't like complaints and will check up on the woman you have issues with. Her computer print out means nothing IF she hasn't helped you. It could cost you your life one day.Health Question & Answer

Are you sure that she has the correct phone no..?Is your ringer turned on.?If it is an important question or something serious that you have to tell the doctor,I'd take a car ride to the doctor's office and speak to this person face to face.Health Question & Answer

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