Can i eat grass??i am very curious?!

Question: Can i eat grass.?.?i am very curious.?
i have had my appendix out can i eat grass because various people have said noHealth Question & Answer

yes you can eat grass. but why eat grass.?.?
having had appendectomy and eating grass doesn't have any relationship at all. Health Question & Answer

Eat grass.? Yes and no. You can get wheat grass juice at health food stores. But don't just pick and chew and eat grass. I think somebody is teasing you about having had your appendix out. The appendix is not related to grass eating. Health Question & Answer

Yes, however, why would you want to.? I could see maybe drinking a wheatgrass tonic, but it doesn't taste good. I tried a wheatgrass beer once at a micro brewery in Seattle and didn't like it either.Health Question & Answer

Yes you can eat grass...wont taste too good thouHealth Question & Answer

Yes.. it really wont hurt. It will not be of any value..

If you have a dog, just watch out which area they use first.
Health Question & Answer

I eat grass. so good.Health Question & Answer

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