What do you do when you crave a cigarette, how to refuse it?!

Question: What do you do when you crave a cigarette, how to refuse it.?
It all happened when i was half asleep on the couch, out of nowhere, I craved one, had a sort of half dream of me smoking one. Now, i guiltily return from my backyard after smoking one. Tsk tsk. I know better than to start the dirty old habit of mine. What are some ideas that I can use to avoid such times.? Drinking lots of water when i get the sudden urge.? Or what.? Thank you!

No self-control.Health Question & Answer

For me it was gum, cinnamin or spearmint. It was weird too, if I had gum in my mouth, I needed a new peice after eating etc, when I would normally light up a cig. I also kept a bowl of after dinner mints, pretzels and m&m with almonds beside my chair. Twizzlers pull n peels helped as did string cheese. Keep your hands busy! But for me in was the mint, the nice fresh taste in my mouth, that helped me the most. I can totally relate to the cravings coming out of no where. I would wake in the middle of the night! also, I reminded myself continously how awful smoking is. I would go into Wal-Mart for instance & smell it SO clearly on people after about a month of quitting. I relapsed on 1 occasion. but I bought zig zags instead of cigs. I never emptied my ashtrays, just hid them. Late one night I rolled (or sloppily attempted) a cig using tabaco from 6mos old butts. By the time I accomplished it and took a drag...I was done! Good Luck to you and I hope you are strong enough to stay with it! It IS so hard to break this habit, but it can be done. My best advice is don't think after quitting for 2 yrs if you cheat once you won't start again, cuz you will eventually, try your hardest to NOT cheat! Health Question & Answer

well the mind always craves for satisfaction. what you can do if you crave satisfaction in this case by smoking you can direct your attention towards something else that you like. perhaps something you like to do or eat. doing something you love directs your satisfaction towads it instead to you smoking. you can try going for a walk taking a breather or playing video games.

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Get a jar...put a whole bunch of cigarette butts in it and a few drops (very few) of water, put the cap on. When you get the urge, open it up and take a whiff..trust me.Health Question & Answer

Put a rubber band on your wrist, when the urge comes give yourself a good snap. It will hurt and distract your thoughts of a cigarette. I learned that in a class to quit smoking and it works.Good LuckHealth Question & Answer

I eat oranges my vitamin c levels must be sky high by now.Health Question & Answer

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