Can you really get carpal tunnel from texting?!

Question: Can you really get carpal tunnel from texting.?
My main form of communication is text messaging (sad, I know) and I text an insane amount every day.
I wanted to know if you could actually get carpal tunnel from texting.? And what exactly happens to your hand when you get carpal tunnel.?Health Question & Answer

Some say yes, some say no.

New findings from Virgin Mobile reveal that:

? Latest figures from the MDA reveal that over 100 million text messages are sent every single day in the UK alone
? 3.8 million British mobile phone users suffer from text-related injuries
? 38% people suffer from sore wrists and thumbs from texting
? Virgin Mobile link up with the British Chiropractic Association to help prevent Text Message Injury ( TMI )
? Visit for further information

Sensible advice
? If texting starts to hurt. Stop. Use the other hand or call instead
? Vary the hand you use
? Vary the digits you use
? Don

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