How can I get my oxycodone dose down on my own?!

Question: How can I get my oxycodone dose down on my own.?
I am prescribed 30 mg oxycodone, 9 per day. 3 three times a day. I have started doing 2 4 times a day and one before bed. I don't like these pills and I think they are making me break out in hives and have ringing in my ears. How can I slowly withdraw without too much withdrawal symptoms.?Health Question & Answer

Yeah those are common symptoms for opiates,, you sure seem to be doing it right so far,,, but it all depends on how long you have been taking them,,

unless you have been taking them for more than 2 weeks or so you won't go through any withdrawls,, it takes at least that long to get addicted,,, it doesn't happen in just a few days or so. Even heroin takes a few weeks to become actually addicted. But if you have been on them more than a month or so you want to ween off real slow.

You take 3 - 30mg oxycodones at a time.?.? The blue ones that say M 30 on them.?.? That is really strange dosing. Wow that doesn't sound right at all. If you are taking 270mg a day you really need to be talking to your doctor because you must have a condition that you are in a lot of pain,,, how do you plan on dealing with the pain.?.?

but if you want to get off without having any long lasting problems you need to just do it slow.
you are the only one that can tell if you are going down too fast of not,, if you are you will start feeling like
you have no energy,,
you may start to get chills and hot flashes
your calves will start to hurt
you will feel bitchy or depressed
problems sleeping,, or staying asleep

It all really depends on how long you have been taking them,,, less than a few months and you can really drop pretty quick,,, but if you have been on them awhile I would try going down one pill every 5-7 days,, if you start to feel that is too fast you can also try just breaking them in half and taking them that way except drop down a half of a pill at a time.. Maybe drop down a half every 3 days or so,,, that's how I would do it.

I detoxed by going on a methadone program for awhile and it took me about 6 months to get down from 90 mg a day. I think I dropped down 3-5 mg every week or two. At some points I had to start only going down 2 mg until I was at 14mg a day and I just stopped. The only issue I had after was sleeping,,,,, Tylenol PM or a glass of wine at night helps that.

You already have the biggest and hardest part over with,, your desire to get off them is the biggest step you will have to take,,, it's all just a matter of weening yourself off without having to go through any withdrawls and that's not hard at all. As long as you WANT off them you won't have any problems.

You may want to consult with your doctor,, he is the only one that knows all of your condition and he really is the one that can best help you. If you are getting the medication for pain he is the one that can help you with the pain management also. A lot of times people that have allergic reactions like the itching if the doctor switches them to Oxycotin,,, it takes care of the problem,,, the time release doesn't seem to cause the same reaction.

You DO NOT want to go through withdrawls,, I've done it twice and I'd rather die than go through it again,, it's at least a week of hell,, pure hell !! It's like the worse flu you ever had x's 100. They are bad if you have been addicted very long or to high doses. That's why you want to take it slow at first,,, you will be able to tell in just how you feel.

Good luck and be proud of yourself for being smart enought not to get strung out,,, it's hell !!

And thumbs up to the other 2 anwers,, I agree with them 100%.

also,, try taking benadryl for the itching or try taking the oxy's with milk and some food,, it helpsHealth Question & Answer

Just take your full dose once, 1/2 dose for next day, then 1/4 dose for next day and then go off. As long as you haven't been on these for more than a few weeks; you will be fine. If you have been, you need to contact your doctor to see about the dosage backing off.Health Question & Answer

do exactly what your doing...lower your dosage a bit, take it for a week or two, then lower it again and take it for a week or two...That way your body is adjusting slowly and most likely will NOT go into withdrawels.

good luck=]Health Question & Answer

yes but trick your self instead of one pill take hof i did it and i am fine
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