I'm doing a school project on MDMA (ecstacy)?!

Question: I'm doing a school project on MDMA (ecstacy).?
I need to know everything about it. How much would someone take to achieve a decent high.? What are some side effects.? What is it like afterwards.? Is it addictive.? Is it dangerous.? How much would it cost.? How long does the high last.?Health Question & Answer

For first timers, you only need 1 dose of ecstasy, which is usually one pill. After someone does it more, they build a tolerance and have to take 2, 3, 4, sometimes even 5 pills to feel the same high they once achieved at 1 pill. Depression after months of use, irritability, "e-tarded" (the few days after doing ecstasy you may feel "stupider" and not as sharp, headaches and vomiting.

Ecstasy is not addictive, but habit forming.

One dose of ecstasy costs around $15-$20. Ecstasy isn't as pure as it used to be, it is usually cut with some other drug such as speed, heroin, meth or coke. Pure MDMA is usually more expensive and higher quaility ecstasy is more expensive, too.

The high can last anywhere between 3-12 hoursHealth Question & Answer

Pure MDMA is more expensive about 20 a pill which is not a pressed form it is a powder in a gel cap. There are allot of different kinds and unless u are the one who made it then no one truly knows what exactly is in it. The side effects just depend on the individual same as the addiction and how long it lasts if u have an addictive personality then yes u can get addicted. Some people can just take one if they don't do it allot, but if they do it quite frequently then they need allot more each pressed pill runs about $10 so if u are an addict it could get quite pricey. And as for any drug, yes it can be dangerous especially if it is abused.

Here is a link to all your answers and good luck on your paper
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylenedi...Health Question & Answer

It depends on your tolerance. I only take half and I am wasted for hours (don't know who long because time passing real fast when you are on it). But over a 12hr period I might take about 4 in half doses. And this keeps me so smashed that I should not be out in public.

My first time I took one and didn't remember anything until about 12hrs later. I had to be carried out of the club by friends and I was talking to people who wern't there.

It also depends on the strength. To give you an example, men with a high tolerance might take two at time to get high and take six in a night (about 8 hrs), but with a strong batch they will only need 2 for the whole night.

It is only dangerous if you are not careful. People who die first time often don't have the right enzyme to break down the pills. People can overheat or drink too much water. The pills react with the female hormones and override the body being able to tell how thirsty you are so people drink too much and their brains swell.

It is only mentally addictive. It is so out of this world fun that people want to have that more often.

The comedowns (afterwards) can be bad. For the next day you are still tingly and not really straight. But then the next day you can cry over nothing and your problem solving skills can go out the window for a few days (5-HPT cures that though).

I get a tummy ache for a few days after and loose my appetite.

a side effect is that is messes with the menstrual cycle. Some girls get their periods while others don't get theirs. It is also really hard to pee while you are high on this. And for about a day afterwards I can't tell when I need to pee, I just have to keep going to the bathroom just in case.

You didn't ask about the high but I will tell you. It comes on and you start to feel a few tingles over your body, then you feel really warm. You feel happy and content and just want to lie on the couch and melt to it. Then it washes over you so strong, tingles at the slightest touch, you are so happy you can't believe it, you love everyone around you, colours are brighter, lights swirl and you can hallucinate. It is the most amazing place to be, words can't describe how good it feels.Health Question & Answer

X is used for sex experiments. There is no pure MDMA pills, the closest one are called mollys and that's only 90% MDMA which is a white powder and comes only in a clear capsule, very hard to find. It's the cleanest one, you don't come down on it at all. Pills are either single, double (most common one) or triple stack, how thick they are. X comes in colors, basically tells us what's in the pill. X can be addicting because the chemicals in the pill are addicting, such as green and blue pills have meth, pinks have heroin, so on. We also rate the pill, 1-10, and if its above a 9 then the pill has a line on the opposite side of the logo. We call that a score. A logo or what we call it "stamp", such as a dolphin or omega (blue dolphin) is stamped on the pill. Each pill cost $20 averagely, but they can range from $8-35. Each pill has a different affect on a person (feeling relaxed or speedy), that's where the name "etard" comes from. A pill takes about 15-45 min to take affect and last up to 8 hours, depends on how many you take and the last time you ate something, your body weight, etc. You will peak between an hour or two. It is very highly dangerous cuz each pill has different affect on someone so one pill can kill you. X puts holes in your brain, memory loss, physical damage, loss of weight, mood changes, etc. There are things you can take to increase your roll such as drinking oj, vicks enhalers, vitamin c pills, menthol cigarettes and marijuana, massages, staying in a warm place, dark room, music. Dam, now I need one! The good old days.Health Question & Answer

it all depends on the pill. what kind it is & how much you take. from all my friends telling me (i'm drug free). I've been around some friends & they go through stages of emotions. again, depending on how you are, & how much you can take/took. they can be happy, emotional, talkative, worried, horny, and you can't sleep. You get dehydrated, so water is a must. Its pretty addictive. I've seen and known ppl who take 2-4 a night, which is dangerous! a pill usually cost anywhere from 5-15 depending on what kind. a high usually last 4 hours (weak ones) to 2 days. hope it helps. sorry if the info is ify. i only know through friends.Health Question & Answer

MDMA is not ecstasy except in a perfect world. No longer is the original recipe used. It provides a meth-like high coupled with feelings of joy and a little emotion. It's a horrible come down that lasts for two days. The typical high can last maybe 8 hours and it takes one pill or two.Health Question & Answer

try talktofrank has everything about drugs on thereHealth Question & Answer

If you're talking pure MDMA, the active dose is 120mg. That goes for anybody, regardless of weight, body fat, anything. The only reason you'd need more is if you have a higher tolerance. Even then, it doesn't go up much. Today, pills are usually between 60-100mg of MDMA if you get good ones. Because MDMA can't be made into a pill by itself, it needs to bind with something, which is why you get dirty pills. The binders can be anything from non-active to speed, meth, or caffiene. There's tons more, but those are the most common.

If by side effects you mean negative things, while you're high, there's not really many. Your heart rate increases and your pupils dilate extremely large. Other than that it's all positive. You feel an enormous sense of love for everything and everyone around you. Talking to people is really fun, as is dancing. MDMA breaks down the barriers you put up between yourself and the world, so you don't feel embarassed about doing things like walking up to someone you don't know and starting a conversation or dancing like an idiot. There's also a body high that's fairly indescribable. It feel really good just to touch things, or be touched.

The day after taking ecstasy can be kind of a downer, but for everyone it's really different. For some people it's like the worst alcohol hangover they've had times 10, for some it's just a few hours where you feel slightly depressed. Some people don't even feel bad at all because of the "afterglow" from the high. It all really depends on how each individual personally reacts to the chemicals as well as what was in the pills (speed/meth pills will have a much harsher comedown/day after than straight MDMA pills). One pretty common thing is not eating the day afterward. It's not impossible, but food seems like it's just not worth the effort of eating.

A lot of people will tell you that ecstasy is addicting, however it is not. People can become psychologically addicted to the high, but often move on from it to other, harder drugs such as speed. The truth is, if you abuse ecstasy, it will mess up your brain. Taking it in any kind of "addicted" way, such as every day or every few days will quickly lead to what's called "losing the magic" which means you can't get high from it anymore because you've damaged the serotonin receptors in your brain.

That doesn't mean that using instead of abusing ecstasy will ruin your brain. If you use responsibly, and take ecstasy only once every 4-6 weeks, stay at a limit of 2-3 pills, and stay safe while you are on the drug, there are no negative longterm effects that have been found. Ecstasy is still a very new drug, though, and because it's illegal, scientists aren't able to test it like they should to find out what it can really do. There's a lot of unknowns factors of the drug.

Generally, ecstasy pills will cost anywhere from $5 to $20 in the United States. It really depends on the quality and how well you know the person you get them from. For pure MDMA (called Molly), it's about $20 for a dose (120mg), and full grams (8 doses) are about $100-120.

An ecstasy high can last anywhere from 2-8 hours, depending on both the quality of the pill and how it's cut. Good, clean pills will generally get you going for about 4-5 hours with a really good peak about one and a half hours in. The high from mollies (pure MDMA) will usually last about 6-8 hours.Health Question & Answer

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