Will a Hospital still take you and care for you if you have no income coming in?!

Question: Will a Hospital still take you and care for you if you have no income coming in.?
I live in Salt Lake,one mille from St Marks.All thees trauma programs are getting me worried.High blood perisher.199 over 119 and having headaches.My sinuses are inflamed and I am being treated for the blood perisher and sines infection.I'm afraid I mite stroke out.Health Question & Answer

They are required by law to take you in and see that you are stabalized. I wouldn't worry because most hospitals have a charity program for people who don't have income or low income that will pay for the bill. If you are currently be treated for your blood pressure is the treatment working.? It's best to catch bad things before they happen. I hope you start to feel better soon.Health Question & Answer

I'd probably visit a local free or bulk-billing doctor but if you're that worried try a public hospital or ER. If you have to pay, it's unlikely to be upfront and people can often be very understanding.

Hope you feel better soon and lay off the trauma programs, try and relax :)Health Question & Answer

It's too bad you don't live in Australia, Canada, the UK or NZ - we all have free health care.
From the time I spent living in the US I understood that a hospital must admit you in a life-threatening emergency. You will arrange a payment plan with them, even if it's a quarter a week, and pay your bill that way.? Is there a free clinic you can go to that's nearby.?Health Question & Answer

blood pressure should not be taken likely you need get that down or you will stroke heart attack is around the corner go to hospital and tell them im sure theres a bulk bill doctor or a public hospital TO HELP YOU CLOSE BY DON'T WASTE TIME WITH HEART ATTACK ACT NOW NOT AFTER YOU HAVE ONE TAKE IT FROM I KNOWHealth Question & Answer

I don't believe a hospital can ever turn you down.Health Question & Answer

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