Ruptured disk, back surgery?!

Question: Ruptured disk, back surgery.?
Okay it's come to surgery.? Is there any other options out there, it's been about 6 months of pain, and the use of the leg is gotten worse, so many pills (sick of pills) and they don't help 100%, what about a chiropractor is this something that can fix the problem, and if not what all should we ask the doctor, he's # 2 back surgeon in the world, but the best make mistakes. Has anyone had this surgery.? The L3 and 4 are bulging the L5 is hitting the lactic (spelling sorry) nerve.? Should all three be fixed so the other two don't do the same.? I will ask the doctor this as well just looking to have a bit of niggle before we go. Thanks to all this is really scaring me.Health Question & Answer

My 78 year old father in law (soon to be 79 in 5 days) just had a similar surgery three weeks ago. He is home and recovering very well. When they transferred him from recovery to his hospital room just hours after the surgery, he commented that he could tell a tremendous difference.

These is risk with all surgery --and, no Chiropractor can repair a ruptured disc. Be sure to ask your doctor every question that crosses your mind -- no matter if you think it might seem trivial. ASK. Write all of your questions on a pad before going to the doctor, and be sure to take someone with you. Two sets of ears are good during times like this because you may not hear everything the doctor is telling you.

Best wishes and I hope you get some relief from your pain soon.Health Question & Answer

I have a prolapsed disc, that means it started as a bulge, but the outer tough shell split all the way around and bang. I was in a wheelchair for eight weeks as I lost the use of my legs. No they did not even offer surgery, instead started me on the Fentanyl Patch. It works and I am back walking again and lifting things like refrigerators, washing machines and cookers, all by myself without using the back brace. As we age the disc dehydrates, so given time. You do not say if your husband has had a NCT on the leg that is weak.? I had one. Best of LuckHealth Question & Answer

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