My toe hurts so badly but there is no sign of injury!?!

Question: My toe hurts so badly but there is no sign of injury!.?
hi, i was at soccer practice and i didn't bring my cleats or whatever because they were the wrong size. i accidentally got kicked on my toe.
theres no redness, and no swelling, but it hurts so bad!! any clue what this is.? how can i convince people that im not making it up!
i got five mins plz answerHealth Question & Answer

Could possibly be a bruised bone, which is common.

There's nothing you can do to speed up the healing, if this is the case.. most commonly you'll feel it for about a week or so.Health Question & Answer

I had a similar problem. I had to get an xray, it was an fracture...get it checkedHealth Question & Answer

Oh baby im srry u know u gotta cute face i wish i can make it better Health Question & Answer

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