I've noticed an increase in unexplainable bruises on my legs, etc. Why?!

Question: I've noticed an increase in unexplainable bruises on my legs, etc. Why.?
Perhaps you aren't getting enough vitamins or iron. Take a supplement, and if it doesn't stop in a month, go to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

Sometimes this happens to me, as I tend to sit on my legs. If I have on heels or something, sometimes I get a bruise on the back on my thigh.

Otherwise, unexplained bruising can be a sign of any number of conditions, liver or kidney disease, blood disorders, and many others. Even some medications can make you more prone to bruising.

If it continues to be a problem, I would suggest a doctor visit. Health Question & Answer

it is weaknes in your capillary vessels so any small hit in any part in your body makes the small capillaries under your skin to bleed causing that bruise and especially leg cause it is the most hittable place in your body
take any medication to reinforce your vessels, like any medication contain (diosmin)
cause it\f you will leave it you will get complication like heamorroids Health Question & Answer

I'd have a blood test. Your doctor should test you for all basic blood clotting problems.

Not to frighten you. but inexplicable bruising can be a sign of meningitis,or Leukemia.

Get it checked, be safe. Be reassured. Health Question & Answer

you might have a health problem. I had mystery bruising, then I found out I was a diabeticHealth Question & Answer

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