My Foot Hurts!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Question: My Foot Hurts!.?!.?!.?!.?!.?!.?
I don't know why this happens but, like right now, when I point my toes downward my foot (the right one) starts to have this shooting pain. At the same time, my big toe starts to move underneath the one right next to it and my foot becomes immobile, like I can't move my toes or anything and i can feel the muscles tense up. After about 5 minutes the pain will start to go away and I will able to feel my toes getting looser. But when I move my toes or my foot or try to walk at all it starts up again. Even if I don't do anything, this will repeat 4-6 times when my foot starts feeling better. What is wrong with my foot.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

could be a foot cramp it happens to me i point my toes or something and all of a sudden it hurts like @#$@$ one time i almost lost my sight from the pain! If that isn't the case ask your doctor she/he can help you solve any prob :)

One time i woke up and it happened to my calf lol..Health Question & Answer

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