Pain in lower arm and wrist area?!

Question: Pain in lower arm and wrist area.?
i a having pain in my lower arm and wrist area. it feels like it is broken (from personal experience) but i would for sure felt a pop if it was. i dont think its broken but my boyfriend squeezed my arm on the 14th and it started hurting on the 16th. if it is just bruised then it takes the muscle a couple days to react to it. but if it dosent let up in a couple days, ill go to the doctor. i just wanted to avoid more bills. lol
any suggestions..j/wHealth Question & Answer

You have ligaments and tendons along with muscles in the arm - he could have tweaked a ligament and that takes a little longer to heal. Any injury like that can affect the rest of that body part and even extend further - it's called referred pain, like if you hit your hip on the door and a day later your foot hurts. Everything is connected to something else so it makes sense that your lower arm and wrist hurt Think of it as a bad bruise, it will take about a week or maybe a little longer to completely get over it. Health Question & Answer

my suggestion is to get a boyfrind that doesnt abuse you! just kidding, love hurts and nothing says i love you like a bruise or a chipped tooth. thats terrible. sounds really simple. today is the 17th so its only been a couple days. give it some timeHealth Question & Answer

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