Is there an actual "profile" for people who suffer with chronic pain?!

Question: Is there an actual "profile" for people who suffer with chronic pain.?
Profile: sleep during the day and stay up during the night. Overweight due to depression and late night snacking. Self medicating with prescription medications and alcohol. Risk for accidental death as result of self medication. Inactive, avoidance of physical activity due to pain. Obesity and early onset of arthritis as result of limited physical activity. Minimal interaction with immediate and extended family. Avoidance of friends. Lack of interest in personal hygiene and personal appearance.

These are just a few that I heard about while watching program on Discovery Health, and I was surprised. My husband has suffered with chronic pain for the past eight years and agrees with a few, but not all. Would other sufferers of chronic pain agree with this profile outline.?

If so, how in the world would a family member be able to help someone who fits most, or all, of this "profile".? How do we help them break this vicious cycle.?Health Question & Answer

I agree with your husband,, some of them apply but not all,,
most of those symptoms are of depression not chronic pain. I've been a chronic pain patient for the last 9 years and
I'm not overweight,
I don't drink,
I don't self-medicate,
there are things that I avoid because of pain,
I bath everyday and get dressed,
I don't sleep all day and stay up all night although I do have problems sleeping due to pain, and
I get along fine with everybody I know. But there are days that are 'bad' pain days that what I do is very limited due to the pain.

BUT,,, I have known people from the pain clinic that fit all of the symptoms you've listed,,, I'd say probably 70%,, but most of the symptoms are from depression,,, I have been taking medication for depression for about 3 years,, and it must work because I'm not much different than I was before I got hurt except I don't move as well

And it is true that there is a large percentage of chronic pain patients that suffer with depression. Hurting 24/7 gets you down real fast.

Having someone that understands what being in pain all the time does to someone helps keep you from dwelling on it all the time and helps fight the depression that goes along with it. Good luck

Here are 2 good sites you may want to check out on pain issues Question & Answer

I also agree with your husband. I have been in chronic pain for about 9 years now due to fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, among a few other minor things. I can understand however why some people get depressed, overmedicate and avoid others. It is easy to get into a rut like that if your in a lot of pain. You need to get into a routine and not let the pain control your life - you need to control your life. Most let the pain control.....hence the above listed profile. If you want to help a family member break this cycle, try to get them out of the house even if you have to keep at it. also, getting them some sort of hobby to do would help. I read and make greeting cards and make scrapbooks for other people. It has made a difference.Health Question & Answer

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