Im getting grey hair, what should i do? ?!

Question: Im getting grey hair, what should i do.? .?
I mean, grey hair wouldn't be such a big deal, but I"m only 19, so Im thinking it probably isn't a good thing I'm already getting grey hair. Is there a reason for it and is there anything I can do.?Health Question & Answer

Well, first you should ask a doctor to make sure that nothing abnormal is happening within your body. However, I don't think that it's a serious problem because I've seen some people younger than you who have strands of gray hair. I may be wrong, but I think having gray hair at a young age is partly due to stress. Another thing you could do is to die your hair so people won't be able to notice (especially if you have medium to dark hair). Hope this helps. Health Question & Answer

A couple of good answers already. Does it run in your family at all.?
If it looks good, the woman will love it.Health Question & Answer

Are you under a lot of stress.? That could be a reason. Maybe you could try to relax, Have some time to yourself.Health Question & Answer

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