Why do i have a pain in stomach/lower chest area.?!

Question: Why do i have a pain in stomach/lower chest area..?
When i breathe out, i get like a pain in my stomach. Its like a sharp pain Health Question & Answer

Ah, I get this when I eat my food too fast and drink too quickly aswel. Is this a possibility that it happened.? I also get it when I inhale chemical substance, by accident of course.Health Question & Answer

If the pain is under and up slightly above the bottom of your rib cage on the right side, it most likely is your gallbladder. If it is just above your umbilicus (belly button) it may be your transverse colon. You need to see a Certified Nutritional Therapist that can test you to find out exactly what organ or area your pain is coming from.

good luck to you.Health Question & Answer

Is it more like stomach/bottom of ribs .? have you put weight on recently.?

I had this once and my GP said the pain was due to ribs spreading apart/stretching of muscles/Ligaments etc
Meant to be a common ailment of pregnant women.

But yeah go see your doctor anyway, better being sure.Health Question & Answer

Chest pains are always a red flag.. so I would go to the A&E (ER) so they can rule out problems with your heart. If it feels like there is a belt tied tight around your torso then definately get to the A&E (ER) because that is a symptom that you are about to have a heart attack. Health Question & Answer

muscle cramp inside. if you breathe slowly and relax it will go away sooner. i get it every now and then, but it always goes away. massaging the area helps also.Health Question & Answer

see a doctor as soon as you canHealth Question & Answer

Shouldn't you look elsewhere for medical advice, just my opinion Health Question & Answer

Maybe your experiencing the before shock of a heart attack. Health Question & Answer

it may just be stomach acid roughly around the solar plexus area ie that wee bone over the heartHealth Question & Answer

idk. go to the doctors i guess.

i only feel pain from byw.Health Question & Answer

you may want to go to the doctor Health Question & Answer

Presher u need to get a pedison Health Question & Answer


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