How can i get rid of my soreness?!

Question: How can i get rid of my soreness.?
i just got home from track practice and my legs are sore. they should be used to it by now (we do hills 2 times a week and ive been doing it since July) but my quads are very tight and sore and tired. what should i do to make it go away.?!.?!.?!Health Question & Answer

Have you been stretching out after you run. It is very important to stretch your muscles out properly after running. also make sure you stay hydrated when practicing. There is a powder form of muscle recovery at GNC ask your coach about something like that to mix into your water. It isn't harmful my kids used it for swimming recovery. The best thing you can do right now since you are in pain is take some ibuprophen and rubbing bengay or something like that on your legs will help...DO NOT use a heating pad with topical creams like Bengay you will burn your muscle tissue.... You could also sit in a tub of warm water or hot tub if one is available. It will sooth your muscles..I can relate.. I started working out again and my thighs are pretty tight right now. I hope you feel better soon and that I have helped somehow,Health Question & Answer

i wouldnt recommend taking pills because its not good for the body. if u take pills continously then ur body gets used to it and it wont help ur body anymore. if u are sore take a warm or hot bath after u calm back. calm down meditate and relax that helps. if u are really sore massage urselfHealth Question & Answer

Take a nice bath with Epson salts and some Advil tablets for pain and take a day or two break from excercise.Health Question & Answer

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