Please, how can I help my arm, it's really sore?!

Question: Please, how can I help my arm, it's really sore.?
No, I haven't done anything physical. No, it's not carpal tunnel. No, I didn't sleep on it. (It's my right arm and lately I've been sleeping on my left.) Underneath my arm it's been tingling and feeling weak and sore for days. The pain used to come and go usually when I hold on to pencils or something for a while, but now it won't go away and feels worse and as if it's traveling up my arm to my hand and then fingers. I really don't know what's going on or how to make it stop hurting.Health Question & Answer


This is called as "Tennis Elbow" ..this commonly occurs in sports people who hold on to something for a long time .. like Tennis Players , Cricketers , Golfers ..

You have the same condition.. The best treatment is to have a support to your elbow and consult a physician

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