Scoliosis??[[not sure if spelled right...]]?!

Question: Scoliosis.?.?[[not sure if spelled right...]].?
So today my bff just found out she has mild scoliosis... I have no idea what it is, just her backs uneven and she's not going to get much taller... She's 4'11 btw and were in junior high<3, but its good its just mild right.? Or can it get worse.? Health Question & Answer

I have had scoliosis since I was young and yes mild is good. Try this wikipedia link for more info. It can cause other problems such as digestive issues, pain and headaches. Health Question & Answer

Yes it can get worse. She should be fine. I also have mild scoliosis and see my chiropractor regularly for my pain issues. As long as she isn't having pain, she should be ok. If she does, I'd suggest she go see a chiropractor. Most meds the doctor will give you do not help.Health Question & Answer

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