Pain in lower tailbone when i sit and stand. help?!

Question: Pain in lower tailbone when i sit and stand. help.?
When i sit down i get a sharp pain in the lower regions of my back. But i am actually afraid to get up due to the pain i get when i stand. I have read up on this a little but im still not sure.

I don't remember falling on it or anything.

If this helps im a 15 year old male.

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Do you spend a lot of time sitting.? That pain could be from slouching wile sitting, it puts a lot of pressure on your tailbone. I had the same problem and went to a doctor just like that other guy said to do... waste of money. He just told me to do a little more walking and a lot less sitting. I'm feeling much better now.Health Question & Answer

go to your doctor if your back Still hurting Health Question & Answer

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