Cefaclor .....................?!

Question: Cefaclor ......................?
i was prescirbed cefaclor for tonsillitis yesterday

i took one without reading the leaflet thing in the packet

and then read the leaflet because i got really itchy and a bumpy rash on my face and neck

im not itchy anymore but the rash is still there ,

im allergic to penicillin and amoxacilin and eruthromicyn

it said i shouldn't have taken it

so i called the dr and he said that i should just keep taking it

i don't think i should keep taking though

does anybody know if what he said is right or weather i should ask another dr for different stuff or something


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People allergic to penicillin should take this medication with caution as they have an increased risk of being allergic to cephalosporin antibiotics.
the reason he told you to continue is because your not itchy anymore and probably he thinks it's not an allergic reaction. if it was an allergy it would continuue and get worse.Health Question & Answer

i think the doc knows best if not then sue himHealth Question & Answer

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