How to make blood tests less painful?!

Question: How to make blood tests less painful.?
I'm getting my first real blood test done tomorrow and I want to know what I can do to make it less painful or draining on my body (no pun intended).

I'm really nervous, does anyone have any tips.? The most I've ever gotten done was a prick in my finger. Health Question & Answer

Did you know that a prick in your finger is way more painful.? It is. Blood tests are not as bad as you think and it's working yourself up that hurts more than anything.
I've had so many I can't even tell you. While people will say don't look, I disagree. Focus on the procedure, ask questions, think about exactly what it is and the few little moments it will take. Once it's in (which takes a millisecond) the hard part is over. Once you take an interest, the pain of it becomes a sidebar to the idea of what you are actually gaining from the test.
If this is way outside of your comfort zone, then try an ipod and soothe yourself with music or chant a mantra such as: "the pain is tiny, the answers many" or "it can't last forever, it can't last forever" (I use that a lot) or even "gotta get this done cuz cute guy in waiting room should have my number." Mantras are very powerful in these situations. Practice some tonight and use the one that helped you relax the most. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

depends on you i guess i used to just look away until it was over with when i was scared but then one time i decided to watch it instead ( i was feeling faint)
and you know what...
it helps alot! hah i found it cool to watch so i do it all the time now :)
good luck dont be scared
just relax and dont flex hardly any pain

hopexxHealth Question & Answer

I hate needles.

Best thing I found.? Just dont look. Explain to the nurse that you dont want to know when its happening. Look elsewhere in the room (bookshelf, painting etc) and concentrate on that.

Depending on how good they are, you might not even know they have done it!

And dont be tense, that can make it worse. Generally i let the arm go limp but ill tense my legs instead.

and above all.? Its not the end of the world :D

Ooh, and dont lift anything heavy with the arm and you wont get a bruise!Health Question & Answer

It's not painfull. Broken bones, burns and bad grazes are painfull. Look the other way, sing you fav song. It will take approx. 2 seconds to do. Health Question & Answer

Grin and bear it. It's not as bad as you think it is.
Health Question & Answer

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