Cant sleep since i have quit drinking any ideas?!

Question: Cant sleep since i have quit drinking any ideas.?
Don't do pills!!
You are going through a transition and it will take determination and patience.
It depends how heavy the habit was but, whatever, well done for giving up.

Try some of the natural suggestions given. Exercise doesn't have to mean a gym. Rise earlier - walk - find some easy means of exercise that suits you. But try and ensure you feel tired by a time that suits you. You may not actually need the amount of sleep that alcohol demanded.
Boring but check out non alc sites on Google because drinking may be simply a habit rather than a need to load up on alcohol.

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Eat a light dinner.

Go for a short walk after dinner, or longer if you wish.

About an hour before bed, drink hot tea, chamomile works nicely but anything that is not caffeinated.

also, keep in mind that right now, and for about a month after you quit, your liver is over processing everything in your body because it no longer has to process all the toxins in alcohol. So, less caffeine will give you a bigger buzz.

Don't drink caffeine after noon until you start sleeping normally again.

And drink more water, your liver needs the help to flush years of chemicals out of your body.

This, will pass, I promise.

Congrats and good luckHealth Question & Answer

get an appointment with the practice nurse at your gps surgery, they will give you advice, and support you while you are trying to quit and will always be willing to help anyone trying to become more healthy, you may also be able to get some free gym or swimming time to help you as these I believe can now be perscribed by gps. talk to the nurse or doctor about it. good luck, and hey its great what you are doing stick with it and give it time.Health Question & Answer

Try eating white crackers and a slice of turkey. Turkey has a compound called tryptophan which induces sleep. It's the reason people want to go to sleep after Thanksgiving dinner.Health Question & Answer

Talk to your doctor, he/she may prescribe a light sleeping pill, to help while your body adjusts to not having alcohol. Health Question & Answer

Do some exercise, have a hot shower and then drink a glass of warm milk with honey. Normally works for me.Health Question & Answer

Congradulations. Try going to some AA meetings they might be able to help.Health Question & Answer

Pills.Health Question & Answer

just imagine ur drunk Health Question & Answer

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