Odd pains under ribcage?!

Question: Odd pains under ribcage.?
okay so i just finally recovered from bronchitis, and it has been affecting my heart which finally healed and now i have real bad pain under my ribcage and sometimes the pain is so unbearable and it hurts to get up from laying down as well.

i dont know what this could be because its been a week and i figured it was from coughing but apparently its still there and i dont know if it could be a symptoms of gall bladder cause everyone in my family has gotten their's removed but not at the age 19 which i am right now.

what do you think it could be.?Health Question & Answer

People of your age can have gall bladder disease, but that is usually on the left side (but not always.)

But, if you are just getting over an infection that affected your heart, you really need to see your doctor, and sooner rather than later.

It could be an inflammation of your diaphragm, it could be inflammation of the lining of your lungs (pleurisy), it could be referred pain from your heart, it could still be muscle pain,it could be something else completely.

With as sick as you were, please don't rely on the internet for a diagnosis.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon!Health Question & Answer

I think you should schedule an appointment with your doctor. Talk to your parents and tell them whats going on because the chances are people on here aren't doctors and cant help you with this. It might be serious so you should definitely get it checked out. I hope everything works out.Health Question & Answer

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