My head and wrist hurt?!

Question: My head and wrist hurt.?
i banged my head against a wall it hit pretty hard i also hurt my wrist if you want to know how just ask oh and what should i do.?Health Question & Answer

Well, i think what your main option is to let things take it's natural course for a few days. See if it heals and get lots of rest and don't strain. Try some advil for your head. If for a few days your expierence the pain still, go see a doctor. You could be expierencing a sprained or broken wrist. I hope this helped, it's what I would do.Health Question & Answer

ice it, for no longer than 30-40 minutes.
and if it still hurts (not soreness but hurting), go see your doc.

note: hurting is when it gets in the way of your everyday life and you find yourself pausing to clutch your hand or head and probably saying "OW!" a lot.Health Question & Answer

just wait a day or so, it's normal for it to hurt. To help the headache, just take an advil or something, and for put some ice on your wrist. If it doesn't get better go to the doctorHealth Question & Answer

Take something like Tylenol, Advil, or Aleve and then ice wherever it hurts. Health Question & Answer

Take advil Health Question & Answer

get Head On their Commercial sucks but it really worksHealth Question & Answer

use and ice bag, and of-course they'll be sore for sometime. your human remember.?Health Question & Answer

stop drinkingHealth Question & Answer

umm, ice them.?Health Question & Answer

are u sure u didnt have sex.?Health Question & Answer

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