Im having some wrist problems ?!

Question: Im having some wrist problems .?
Anyways, i was hanging out with my friends after school, when later, i decided to put my hand on my hip
as soon as i put my hand on my hip, my wrist got a pressure pain, and every time i put my hand on my hip, i get the same pressure pain (just started happening today) it feels tender, and kinda like a bruise would hurt, i have no idea whats wrong with my wrist. i need second opinions. The pain only comes when my hand and wrist is in a position on my hip.
Thanx! Health Question & Answer

It might be Carpal Tunnel but it only hurts when you place it on your hip, that I don't understand. You may try a wrist brace especially for Carpal Tunnel. They make one now that the thumb is open and you can use it. It has just a small wrap that keeps it stable. You might try one and see if it helps. If it does, make that appointment with the Doctor and have it checked out. Wishing you the very best young lady, Hope it isn't Carpal Tunnel, but whatever it is I hope you find out and get that much needed relief. Good luck.Health Question & Answer

Check out "carpal tunnell syndrome". You'ld want to be careful this is a life long disorder. also have someone look at you when you are sleeping. I used to sleep with a really soft matress and unknowingly put my hands underneath me when sleeping and this gave me pain. My Mother spotted this. When I changed matresses to a hard one this stopped .Health Question & Answer

Maybe it's the WAY you put your hand on your hip.
Are you twisting your hand when you do that.?
If so, that might be your problem. Try other hand positions, does that make a difference.? If not, see a doctor.Health Question & Answer

carpal tunnel maybe.? ice it and see what will happen. if not , consult your dr. Health Question & Answer

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