Sore neck, please help?!

Question: Sore neck, please help.?

I'm 16 years old and well today in the morning i woke up with a pain in my neck really really bad i just couldn't help it
i have school at 10:00am and it hurts if i turn to the right and if i put my head down that hurts really bad too

i'm just soooo stiff and i have to be with my neck straight and looking forward or my head tilted to the right

what can i do.?

my school is retarded so we have school from 10:00 until 1 or something like that

what can i do.?
i don't like getting a massage because i feel uncomfortable and im very ticklish

please help

thank you very much!!!

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Try taking a muscle relaxant if its because your muscles are tense. also, a hot pack on your neck could help soothe the muscles. Finally, when you get home have a hot bath. All these things can help with tense muscles. also, if you don't feel comfortable getting a massage from a stranger, try getting one from your mum or dad or a sibling or friend... they can at least help a bit.Health Question & Answer

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