Co-workers smoke weed before and during work, what should I do?!

Question: Co-workers smoke weed before and during work, what should I do.?
I have a bit of a problem. I'm from the country out in WA state, home schooled, so I was never around anybody that did drugs or thought about using them.
Well, I just moved to the east coast to Florida, in a city. I got a job etc. etc.
Come to find out, allot of my co-workers smoke weed before and during work, and it makes them very random. One guy went off and started swearing at customers, and they tried to get me to do it. It's just not a good place to work for a guy like me. I want to quit but I don't have anything else for another two months. So, what should I do.? Should I quit, or just try to work with it.? Health Question & Answer

Don't be a narc, just mind your own business, say "no thanks" if they ask you to smoke, and do the best job you can do. That's all you can do, really, and inserting yourself in other people's issues only makes trouble for them, which turns in to trouble for you 99% of the time! How would it benefit you to get beat down after they find out you got them fired because you were a snitch.?

If you're that angry, talk to them and explain why you think drug use of any kind is not good at work (alcohol, caffeine, prescriptions from their doctor for pain) and that, certainly, swearing at customers is counterproductive.

Keep in mind that the boss probably toke or at least knows about it. You come snitchin', and you'll be the one without a job, and for what.?

If it was alcohol, would you feel the same way.? When people swear at people, it's because they're unprofessional assholes, not because of cannabis, which usually mellows people out. Do I agree that people should smoke on the job.? No! Nor should they drink!

I'm sorry you grew up in such a sheltered environment, but this is not uncommon in the world most of us live in, and it's pretty common in Florida (and Washington), too. Do the best you can do, and look out for yourself. If they're as bad as you say they are, they'll start costing the company money and get fired eventually, anyway. I'd look for a new place to work, posthaste. Just don't quit your job before you have another one lined up.Health Question & Answer

i think that if you explained to the guys that smoked it makes you uncomfortable that they should keep it to them selves and act professional at work and see what happens they may think that you ll tell on them and change their behavior, i don't how ever think getting them fired is the answer i think that will cause you more problems in the long run, just talk to them you may find that they respect your opinion on the matterHealth Question & Answer

Apparently you were educated very well but lack some survival skills. Quit, if you want to go hungry. Tattle if this is affecting the bottom line of the company or might be dangerous to others. Distance yourself from them whenever possible until your new gig comes around. Surely management sees this...weed use is very hard to hide. GL and continue to be a drug-free young person. 2 thumbs up!Health Question & Answer

you are really high strung huh.? why dont you just ignore them...if your coworkers are stoners its all the more easy for you to appear to be the best employee! if you tattle you look like a always gets back to people at work. relax already.Health Question & Answer

Tell your supervisor....NOW!Health Question & Answer

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