Unusual pains in abdomen?!

Question: Unusual pains in abdomen.?
For the past 2 weeks i've had an unusual pain in MY( just to clarify which area) lower left back, which at times spread all the way from my waist to under my chest, all around. Please help, it seems for like a muscle pain rather than a stomache or something of the sort.Health Question & Answer

Two things come to my mind,one is muscle pull which you say might be the cause.other cause is renal calculi(kidney stone).
If the pain is only superficial and gets relieved by simple pain killers,then it is muscle pull definately.getting some rest with pain killers will relieve it.
But if pain is deep,not relieved by pain killers,you are having difficulty while peeing,then it is due to renal calculi.
Best and simple test to clear your doubt is Ultrasound of abdomen.it will tell what the problem isHealth Question & Answer

It could be muscular. Try to stretch it out. If that doesn't work, follow up with your physician. It could be bowel problems.Health Question & Answer

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