How long will minor steam burn go away?!

Question: How long will minor steam burn go away.?
I got minor steam burned about an hour ago while making tea... and I have been soaking my left hand (which got burned) in cold water for an hour now, but it still hurts...

how long will this go away.? I was going to type up the term paper this evening, but it is impossible to do with only 1 hand...

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Give it annother hour of tender loving care, and it will be fine to type. After soaking in body temp water for an hour add a few lumps of ice. When it stops stinging leave your hand to dry without using a towel. (For some reason it helps) you should be good to go after that!Health Question & Answer

Human skin is a very resiliant thing. After healing, a minor steam burn will "go away" forever. Unless replaced by another steam burn, that is.Health Question & Answer

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