Toilet Paper in Butthair?!

Question: Toilet Paper in Butthair.?
When ever I take a poop while i wipe bits of toilet paper get stuck in my butt hair. I try to rip them out but the pain is unbarrable, so i shaved my butthole but my girlfriend thinks it looks wierd. Any suggestions to not get toilet paper in my butt hair.?Health Question & Answer

i have that same problem i usually use socks...i rep that sock all day.. i usually rep black mid-lengths for the taco bell doo doo's Health Question & Answer

It could be much worse; you could have butt hair in your toilet paper! The medical term for your condition is "dingle berries". Stop using Charmin' and Cottonelle and those other girly man wipes. Get you some John Wayne know, the kind that don't take s#$t off nobody.Health Question & Answer

Use flushable wipes in toilet paper aisle!Health Question & Answer

Use baby wipesHealth Question & Answer

ahhahahhha omg comb it i guess Health Question & Answer

how about a warm wash cloth. this should do the trick.Health Question & Answer

thats hilarious
im sorry
but why would you ask that.?.?
you should know that youre gonna get laughed at!! Lol
Health Question & Answer

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